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Beta Filtration

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Beta Filtration Beta Filtration

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CanGlobal filters remove 99.9% of free and emulsified water as well as solid particulates with filtration down to ½  micron media. Beta Filters are the most competitively priced in the market.

There has always been a problem with condensation in the bulk storage of fuels and oils.  Water and particulates have found ways to enter even through the tightest sealed tanks.  The water condenses from humid air trapped inside the tank, but it also can enter through bad seals, vents and breathers. Traditionally removing this water or moisture has been a problem.  Many costly measures have been used to try and solve this problem.  No matter how water enters your tanks, it will find its way into your equipment.  When water ends up in your engine, hydraulic system or machinery it will cause costly damage. 

In order to eliminate water from your hydrocarbon streams in an effective and efficient way, it would be necessary to utilize one of CanGlobal’s many portable or stationary filtering systems. These systems are accompanied with the cartridge and spin on style filters. These filters will remove water as well as particulate from your hydrocarbon streams.  Free moisture as well as emulsified is absorbed into the filter media. This technology allows you to combine water and particulate filtration into one simple step.

These units are available in single phase, three phase and explosion proof electric systems or air powered units. All have positive displacement gear pumps with an internal pressure relief valve to prevent system overpressure. They are compact and portable, capable of being transported and operated with ease.

CanGlobal’s Portable Filtration Units, Simple, Clean and Cost Effective.

BETA FILTRATION / Portable & Stationary Filtration Systems

The Best Choice For Ultimate Protection

Highly sensitive fluid such as transfer oil, hydraulic oil and some gear oil must be filtered down to micron particulate size.  In order to accommodate these fluids, CanGlobal has filtration systems available with dual filter housings that run in series. The first housing has a very fine micron particulate filter to filter these sensitive fluids to the most demanding standards.  The second housing holds a water removing filter cartridge that will insure that the water is removed from the fluid.

Stationary Filtering Vessels

Part Number                         Description
BFSP****                                Spin on Filters ½” to 1” inlet/outlet                                                                        
BFSV718                                          Single vessel 2” inlet/outlet
BFDV718                                          Dual vessel 2” inlet/outlet

Part Number                        Description
BFS5**                                 5 gpm portable unit
BFS5/2**                              5 gpm dual portable unit
BFS10***(*)(****)                   10 gpm portable unit
BFS10/2***(*)                        10 gpm dual portable unit
BFS30****                             30 gpm portable unit
BFS30/2****                          30 gpm dual portable unit           
BFS40/2****                          40 gpm dual portable unit

BFS50/2****                          50 gpm dual portable unit
BFS75/2****                          75 gpm dual portable unit

Pump Specifications

Max Capacity: 580 gpm (132M3/hr)
Max Pressure: 250 PSI (17 Bar)
Max Viscosity: 25,000 SSU (5,500 cSt)    
Temperature Range: -40ºF to +350ºF (-40ºC to +180ºC)

Motor Sizes and Electrical Voltages


** 110 v, 1ph, 60 hz, 1725 rpm, TEFC ½ hp, Switch Included
*** 110 v, 1ph, 60 hz, 1725 rpm, TEFC 2/4 hp, Switch Included
**** 220 v – 440 v, 60 hz, 1725 rpm, TEFC 1 ½ hp, Switch Included**** 220v, Single phase, 50 hz, 1725 rpm, TEFC 1 ½ hp, Switch included
Please Note

Custom filtration systems and motors are available upon request.
Australian market: Switch and plug to be specified by customer.

Providers of Industry Critical Solutions

Water and particulate cartridge filters are available from ½ to 100 micron ratings.
  • Reduce disposal cost
  • Reduce repair and maintenance cost
  • Extends fluid and equipment life.
Training & Field Support

Complete training, field support and engineering service are available.

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